What a brilliant topic we had in the Autumn term. Year one have learnt so much about different transportation in the UK and how it developed through out the history.  Wow, the Industrial Revolution was so interesting. Yes we did cover that too! Very fascinating to learn how the steam train changed the world! We even went to the MK museum to see some old form of transport that we had never seen before. The tram, the penny farthing and the steam train were our favourites!

Thank you dear parents for coming to see our transportation exhibition. We loved sharing with you our brilliant writing about our model vehicles. We were also thrilled to show you our works of art in the style of  one of the best artists in the country Lowry, who depicted Victorian transportation in his paintings. Hope you enjoyed hearing Matchstalk Men and Matchstalk Cats and Dogs during the exhibition too. It was a song about him. Such a beautiful tribute song!

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