71EF39D2-3450-4C83-83B1-D71EBECB8215 4BF372C2-C087-4AB3-92F7-D544DFA46E15 8D93A204-992D-4D53-AC46-AAE97DE5BF34 0E87710B-981A-4D8D-B35A-5010B64E1374 EAEA9CD8-B7FD-44CD-AFB1-69E987A7FD1B CFDF46F9-F8B4-473A-BFD9-2FEE306BDB22 27F23A63-5370-4C76-9B32-2614E2CC0079Year 5 and some of Year 6 had a fantastic time on their residential. The children tried all sorts of activities, some of which for the first time. These included: rock climbing, caving, archery, sailing, and paddle boarding. The camp fire, marshmallows and got chocolate went down a treat! They also learnt some independence – cleaning up after themselves! A great experience had by all!